As THE TICKETS acoustic duo we’ve built up a loyal local audience who enjoy watching and listening to us perform at in- and outdoor community events, sports clubs, party venues, church halls, open air stages, bars and restaurants, beach clubs, libraries, film theatres and even the occasional living room party. We’re not expecting to play live under the current tightening of Covid restrictions, so we’ve set up a home studio to record as much of our repertoire as we can in these gigless times and share it with you on our YouTube channel. We’ll keep you informed!

The technical side of it is now mostly in place, though it may take a couple of weeks before we’ve tried out all the variables and decided on the optimum process for good results. The most difficult decision may possibly be which one of our 100+ numbers to start with. 


The temporary relaxation following last spring’s lockdown allowed our wiped agenda to regain some entries with private events as well as public performances at our favourite local bars and restaurants. We kicked off with a highly successful Saturday evening at Hudson Voorschoten on Saturday 4 July, followed by a couple of outdoor performances at local tennis clubs.
Our most recent Stones-themed gig at Hudson Voorschoten on Saturday 19 September saw a lot of our regulars attend, plus a good selection of new audience, all keeping to the re-emergence of tighter restrictions. 
Have a listen to our live performance of It’s All Over Now to an enthusiastic audience in Leiden last January

or watch this compilation from our February studio recordings


A good time was had by all on Saturday July 4th as we finally found ourselves back on stage playing to a full but safely distanced audience. This little ditty is always popular with our fans, as you will see from the response we get. We’ve replaced the original guitar solo with a uke solo to give the number The Tickets treatment with a more acoustic feel.


Below the final additions to our YouTube channel from the February Sofa Lounge recordings. We’re now in the process of equipping our own home recording studio, so expect more additions to our channel as soon as we’ve set our studio up and are happy with the outcome.

A memorable day at the excellent Sofa Lounge studio in The Hague, recording and videoing six of our favourite live numbers:


What a great audience we had at Leidse Lente on the 26th of January! We were treated to a huge response, with the resulting encores adding an extra 30 minutes to an already packed set list, making a total of 35 numbers performed over 2.5 hours of solid fun.

A great start to 2020 with another full house at Hudson Voorschoten. This time we managed to put together a little montage from phone video that was taken during our performance. Some of our regular fans even managed to find a space for dancing!

What a weekend to complete our Christmas performances for 2019! Played four sets throughout Saturday afternoon in an outdoor tent as part of a day full of festive music and events in Voorschoten town centre, plus a great Sunday gig in Eetcafé de Poppekast. Although we felt some regret at having to park our popular Christmas numbers for another year, we did get to perform most of them at least six times over the past two weeks. Here’s another video clip for those who would like it to go on a bit longer… and a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

Couldn’t have come up with a more appropriate moment for long-time fan and supporter Murielle to film us during our Christmas themed performance at Hudson Voorschoten on the 7th of December. Thanks also to our 100+ audience for joining in with such enthusiasm – we love it when our audiences share their enjoyment and appreciation with us!

A fantastic second evening in Hudson on the 12th of November, with 130 reservations filling just about every available table. As promised, we performed 20 Beatle numbers this time, plus another 30 out of our regular repertoire. Know any other bands who routinely play 50+ numbers in a single gig?
A big thank you to Afra, who not only came to see us again with a crowd of fans, but also took the trouble to share this photo and video with us.

The first of our monthly spots at restaurant Hudson Voorschoten saw us playing to a capacity audience on Saturday 12 October. Next one coming up on 9 November where we’ll be putting in lots of variety for those who want to come and enjoy a second evening with The Tickets.

Great review from Peter J. Visser’s Leiden music blog MuziekGezien 

Cultuurmarkt/Weekend van Voorschoten
On Saturday the 14th of September The Tickets were invited to be the main act on stage 1 during the annual Voorschoten cultural festival. The audience showed their appreciation by occupying every available seat on restaurant Hudson’s terrace directly opposite the stage as well as by booking seven new dates in our agenda. Thanks to everyone who treated us to such a warm and enthusiastic reception and to Hudson for their enthusiastic response!

NUT van Voorschoten jubilee on June 27th

Thor de Bataaf on June 23rd
A six set gig to provide ongoing musical entertainment during the finals of this tennis tournament. We can just about fit ourselves plus all our instruments and equipment onto the provided 2×2 stage.

Herring party on June 15th
Delicious celebration of the arrival of the first 2019 catch…
Brasserie OCK on June 9th

Another outdoor performance to a fully occupied terrace – less hot than last weekend but just as enjoyable.

Strandhuis De Golfslag
On the hottest June 2nd ever measured we were invited to entertain the many guests on the terrace of this fantastic beach club at Wassenaarseslag.

Café Rooie Cor on Sunday 5 May
This traditional Dutch bar, overlooking part of the Wassenaar marina, had us booked for one of their regular Sunday live music sessions. We entertained a nice mixture of expat and local guests with our acoustic versions of Sixties classics.

Cultuurcafé Noordwijk – Sunday 3 February
It was an extremely Sunny Afternoon in Noordwijk, which fortunately didn’t stop the public from coming to enjoy our 75 minute set on this nicely laid out stage. Great atmosphere, great acoustics and most importantly a great audience made this a memorable gig.

Sixties exhibition in Museum Voorschoten on 19 and 20 January
We closed this successful local exhibition with a weekend performance covering 19 different artists with hits covering every year from 1960-1969. Visitors could have their photo taken on one of the iconic mopeds of the era. As Nigel used to own one of these, he didn’t pass on that opportunity. Local press report below.