Sixties classics in an acoustic setting

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We’re THE TICKETS, a multi-instrumental and multi-tasking acoustic duo consisting of Dave Hardy on vocals, guitar and some rather unique foot percussion, and Nigel Hubée combining his vocals with bass, mandolin, dobro, ukulele, guitar and harmonicas. We love arranging and performing Sixties (and occasionally Fifties) classics on acoustic instruments and there are so many memorable tunes from this wonderful era of creativity that even our 100+ repertoire still has room for expansion.

We had a busy live schedule in 2022, including a celebration on the 3rd of July of the 40th anniversary of our first joint live performance on the same date in 1982. A photo montage of both performances can be found on our live performances page, where you can also find other posts on upcoming and past events. Our Facebook page will also keep you up to date.

We’ve continued our winter studio sessions into 2023, publishing new recordings on our YouTube channel to add to the 35+ that were already there for you to enjoy. Click on the ABOUT tab and you’ll see that we’ve already welcomed more than 80,000 visitors from across the globe. We’d love you to join the fun!

Below is a selection of our most watched, liked and commented on recordings for each of the instrument combinations we arrange and play. Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you! The complete annotated list of our videos is also conveniently presented on our recordings page, so you can enjoy our music without leaving our website. Happy listening!


Our first 2023 video takes us back a little further in time to the slide guitar Delta Blues of the early 20th century, with our foot percussion and harmonica added to the original version(s) as laid down by Eric Clapton and his great source of inspiration Robert Johnson

This recording took off rather quickly in its first week of publication, appealing to a lot of our regular viewers as well as to a good number of new mandolin fans – welcome to our website if this video brought you here


This classic Stones composition and Chris Farlowe hit has been our most watched video in 2022, the year in which we celebrated the 40th anniversary of our musical partnership!

Our balalaika inspired mandolin arrangement of this 1968 global hit continues to be popular with both our global YouTube audience and with our local live audiences

Our version of this 1966 Rolling Stones hit has Nigel playing the original Brian Jones marimba part on the bass, adding some harmonica and vocal harmony parts, while Dave gives it his lead vocal treatment and foot percussion groove – this video still holds the record for most viewed overall on our channel and it may well be the reason you’ve come to our website to find out more

A little step back into the fifties, where we’ve arranged Buddy Holly’s first global hit for the ukulele – watch it alternate between rock ‘n roll licks and solos to fingerpicking style in the verses

This 1962 Bruce Channel hit is our most performed number and usually our gig or set finisher, with the multi-tasking maxed out with five instruments being played simultaneously by just the two of us throughout most of the song

Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac recorded this dual guitar instrumental in 1968, which has been arranged by us for the dobro, using a combination of slide and fretted notes to create the impression that there’s more than one guitar playing the lead

Recorded by The Beatles and The Shirelles, we love the early Sixties feel of this number, with Nigel taking the bass solo as well as adding a few extra Tickets riffs leading into the verses

Guitar instrumentals are an integral and popular part of our repertoire, and this one is known for being the theme tune for the BBC radio Sound of the 60s programme for 34 years

We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to us so far! As well as the videos above, we’d love to entertain you with more of our popular or fast growing videos alongside this page (or below if you’re on a vertical screen). If you want to see them all, don’t forget to go to our YouTube channel and subscribe. As well as all the lovely comments on our YouTube videos, you can also read what others thought when they messaged us on our reviews page, or take a look at our more distant past on our history page.

We’d love to see you at one of our live performances!