Press releases and audience feedback

As live performances get going again in 2022, the year in which we celebrate the 40th anniversary of our first joint gig, we’re delighted to be able to share this lovely press release:

Below is a selection of the wonderful comments we’re receiving from across the globe on the YouTube recordings we made during the pandemic:

Let’s continue with two messages about our first 2021 live performance when measures were temporarily relaxed after more than a year of lockdowns banning live music:

Finally all that went before the pandemic, including the gig mentioned below, which took place in the very last weekend before live music was shut down in the first lockdown:

Uit het Leidse MuziekGezien blog van Peter J. Visser:

“leuk… dat ze unaniem van mening zijn dat de muziek heel tof en vrolijk was”

“I couldn’t resist singing… my foot was a tappin’!”

“jullie hebben weer voor een top-avond gezorgd”The Tickets hebben inmiddels al 4 keer bij tennisclub De Aeronauten opgetreden - steeds met veel succes zoals te zien

“the mix of guitar styles etc is what makes you unique”

“Het publiek genoot… van de strak eigentijds gearrangeerde maar o zo herkenbare Sixties hits”